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Irish Dexter Cattle Society Winter Newsletter


Dear Members,

The IDCS is in its first year of operation having been set up to administer a new Herdbook for the Republic of Ireland Dexter herd owners, in order to register and genotype all Purebred Registered Dexter Cattle which had to be transferred from the DCS UK Herdbook.

The setting up of the Irish Dexter Herdbook was at the behest of the DAFM following the UK leaving the EU because of Brexit. With the assistance of DAFM a breeding programme and a breed standard was established. A decision was taken to genotype the entire Dexter PBR Breeding Herd and a grant of €23,000 was given by DAFM in order to genotype approximately 1000 females and 150 bulls. Membership is in excess of 260 members which is an increase of 25% in one year.

From the January 1st, 2022, all breeding females and breeding bulls will have to be genotyped and registered with IDCS to produce pure bred registered animals. Ms Lesley Sandes has been appointed administrator. Her contact details are available at website. A member area has now been set up on our website which is hosted by Ciaran Culkin at

The existing committee has been in place since early 2015 so it is high time to form a new committee by way of nomination or volunteering.

There is a nomination form available on the website we need people with communicative skills such as a secretarial, managerial, financial, marketing, information technology skills and with an interest in promoting the Dexter cattle breed. Please ensure that we have an efficient working committee. We will be holding our first AGM in early 2022 as the new Irish Dexter Cattle Society where we will be appointing a new management committee to run our new society which is a company limited by guarantee. We are planning to hold the AGM in Athlone Co Westmeath, where we are expecting a large turnout.

We would like to thank our outgoing secretary Anne Strahan who is retiring from farming. Thanks also to John O Neill for producing a breeding programme and breed standard with the assistance of Ms Nicola Hobson from DAFM. Thanks also to Jimmy Deasy for setting up our company limited by guarantee, Oliver Davey our diligent treasurer and Ciaran Culkin for commissioning our website and all our committee members for undertaking the setting up of our Herdbook where meetings had to take place using Zoom.

P.S. A special thanks to Tom McDonald who coordinated the Dexter Beef Kill to ABP Nenagh which is an important outlet for our steers. Quality is still an issue and Tom has had to take a lot of flak both from factory and disgruntled suppliers, over inferior quality and animals not fit for purpose for example too young, too thin and DXX animals which are not suitable for the scheme.

Sean Flannery Chairman