Irish Dexter Cattle Society AGM 2023

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The AGM of the IDCS will take place on Sunday 23rd April, in the Creggan Court Hotel, Athlone, N37 YW25 at 2.00pm. A carvery lunch is available from 12.00 and there is ample parking.  All members are welcome but only Full Members have the right to vote.

Council Elections

The Five longest serving members will retire from the council each year but will be eligible for re-nomination again. (See full election process below). The current members of the IDCS council are…

Council Member Role
John O’Neil (Co Kilkenny) Chairman
William O’Halloran (Co. Kilkenny) Secretary
Martin Heavey (Co Kildare) Treasurer
Eugene Mc Ginty (Co Donegal) Website Co-ordinator
Tom McDonald (Co Tipperary) ABP Co-Coordinator
Sean Flannery (Co Kildare) Officer
Trevor Glynn (Co. Clare) Officer
Peter Bryans (Co Dublin) Officer
Oliver Crowe (Co Cavan) Officer
Helen Tuffy (Co Mayo) Officer (Media)
Oliver Davey (Co Sligo,) Officer
Jimmy Deasy Co Cork Officer
Nealie Warren (Co Cork) Officer
John O’Dwyer (Co Tipperary) Officer (Media)
John Conniffe (Co Roscommon) Officer

The five longest serving members who will retire, but are eligible for re-nomination are, John O’Neill, Tom Mc Donald, Nealie Warren, Oliver Davey, William O’Halloran. The remaining members will continue to serve for another year or two without being re-nominated.

Nominations for new council members are now open.  Nominees must be fully paid up full members of the IDCS. Nominators and seconders must also be paid up full members.  A member may nominate or second more than one person. Nominations must be returned to the office of the IDCS no later than the 26/03/2023.

Most Council meetings take place by Zoom in order to minimize travel. Nomination forms  can be downloaded from the IDCS website,  Follow this LINK . Completed & signed forms should be sent to:

Irish Dexter Cattle Society,


Co. Tipperary

E53 HX85

Members will be invited to vote online for the members correctly nominated and the result will be announced at the AGM


  1. Only fully paid up members can stand for or vote in elections. Associate members cannot
    stand for nor vote in elections.
  2. Full members have a unique DAFM herd number and an email address associated with their
    membership. All communications about the AGM and elections will be sent to this email
    address. Votes can be submitted by email or by post and must arrive a minimum of seven days
    before the scheduled date of the AGM. Votes must include the DAFM herd number
    of the member voting.
  3. Elections to the Committee of the IDCS shall take place each year.
  4. The term for a committee member is three years. At the end of each term, the committee member shall automatically stand down and may stand for re-election for a further term of three
    years. There shall be no limit on the number of times a committee member may stand.
  5. Any person wishing to stand and become a member of the committee shall complete a nomination form which shall be available from the secretary.
  6. The nomination form must be signed by the person wishing to stand and also signed by a proposer and seconder both of whom must be fully paid-up members. The nomination form shall contain a brief resume of experience and background to enable those voting to form an opinion. The text of the resume shall be submitted electronically to the Secretary as a Word document whether
    separately or as part of the nomination.
  7. A minimum of 42 days notice of the AGM must be given. The closing date for nominations
    shall be 28 days prior to the scheduled date of the AGM.
  8. Once nominations close and at least 21 days before the scheduled date of the AGM
    members will be emailed an invitation to vote for those standing for membership
    of the Committee. The invitation shall include the resume of each person standing together with
    details of how to vote.
  9. Each voter shall be entitled to vote for one or more candidates up to
    a maximum of the number of vacancies to be filled. If, for example, there are five vacancies a
    member can vote for up to five candidates. Each candidate the member votes for will have
    one vote added to their total number of votes. If a member votes for more candidates than there
    are vacancies their votes will be allocated based on the order in which they list the candidates.
    A voter cannot vote for the same candidate more than once.
  10. Votes will be counted by an outside person or body appointed by simple majority of the Committee with the chairperson having an additional casting vote.
  11. When all votes have been counted, the candidates with the most votes, up to the number of vacancies, will be deemed elected. In the example above the five candidates with the most votes would be deemed to be elected.
  12. In the event that two or more candidates for the last vacancy have the same number of votes, lots will be drawn.
  13. The results of the voting shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting.
  14. Immediately following the Annual General Meeting or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter, the new committee shall meet and appoint officers.
  15. Full details of all elections shall be posted on the IDCS website and
    IDCS controlled social media.