General Marketplace

General Marketplace

Pure Bred Registered Dexters

When buying animals ensure they are Pure Bred Registered Dexters with a specific Pedigree Certificate;

Ask to see the certificate before you make a deal to purchase an animal.

Breeding animals need to be genotyped before a calf can be registered
to them.


To advertise your Dexter Cattle send details and pictures to ‘’

For Sale – Weanling Bull, Co Kerry

For Sale, 7 months old Dexter bull calf, weaned with a month. Excellent conformation and size. Was about to castrate but seemed a pity as he would make excellent sire in a few months time. No texts please Contact Nealie Warren, Co Kerry (087)816 5700

For Sale – 18 months old Heifers & In-calf Cow, Co Cork

I am the new herdkeeper in Castlefreke farm in Clonakilty, Co Cork. I have some year and half old heifers for sale I also have a red  cow heavy in calf for sale. I am sorting out the status of the herd at the moment and  the original cows were all pedigree . Contact...

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