1 Year Associate Membership

30.00 / year

By joining the Irish Dexter Cattle Society, you will be helping to support the Dexter Cattle Breed. As an associate member, you will not have access to full member discounts on registrations and other fees.

This is a yearly fee and your membership starts from the date of signup and will be active until you cancel it. The fee will be deducted from your account using the initial payment details 1 year from date of signup.

New Members Are Always Welcome

Supporting members through meetings, farm walks and discussion groups, to improve knowledge and skills & develope a market for Dexter Beef


There are approximately 200 Dexter Cattle Breeders in the Irish Dexter Cattle Society Herd Book.

There are 3 regional groups in the Republic of Ireland:

  • Connaught & Ulster
  • Munster
  • Leinster

Regional Meetings

Members have the opportunity of attending area meetings 4 times per year in a variety of locations across the country; meetings include a farm walk to visit and discuss a member’s Dexter Herd. These meetings offer a popular networking opportunity along with the chance to buy and sell and to learn from other herd owners, their practices and experience.

Join the society and become involved in the regional group in your area.