Importing Dexter cattle from outside the EU, including NI and Britain.

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No animals, semen, ova or embryos from outside the EU or the UK will be accepted for registration in the Irish Deter Cattle society register. Exceptions to this rule can be approved by the council of the IDCS on a case by case basis if it is deemed to be in the interest of the breed.

Dexters, semen, ova or embryos imported from the UK, including Northern Ireland, will have to comply with all DAFM importation rules and will only be accepted for registration after they have been parent verified to Dexters registered in an EU based registry or with the UKDCS.

It is strongly recommended that parent verification is done before importation.

Links to DAFM rules for importing live animals from outside the EU are provided below. At the time of writing animals to be imported have to be quarantined for a number of weeks in the exporting country and extensive testing and health certification has to be done before export.

Animals which have been vaccinated for BVD cannot be imported. There are also testing requirements when the animal(s) arrive in Ireland.