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  1. Introduction – William O’Halloran( Chairman)
  2. Minutes and matters arising – (John O’ Dwyer secretary)
  3. Financial report – (Jimmy Deasy Company Secretary) and (Martin Heavey Treasurer)
  4. Administrator report and council elections – (Lesley Sandes Office administrator)
  5. Marketing Report – (John Comerford)
  6. Report on ABP Nenagh – (Tom McDonald)
  7. Linear scoring and report on meetings with ICBF and the pedigree council – (John O’Neill)
  8. Weighing and measuring newborn calves – (Chris Miller)
  9. Questions and answers opportunity for members to quiz committee members and other experienced members on areas of the breed and the dexter society We have Oliver Crowe a farm planner ,Anne Dunphy lecturer in SETU WATERFORD, Eugene McGinty website coordinator, Sean Flannery events coordinator, Trevor Glynn, John Cunniffe ,Helen Tuffy Facebook coordinator and Peter Bryans all with many years experience in husbandry and marketing
  10. Link people with animals for sale and people interested in buying.

Tea and chat